Training Comply permits lenders and vendors alike to create a variety of compliance notifications and training tests and then automate the administration of these tests. Training Comply’s powerful scheduling service allows lenders to create numerous tests to be administered on customizable schedules for internal or vendor staffs. Tests can be scheduled on varying intervals, such as every 30 days, quarterly or annually, and can be customized to include the number of questions given per test interval. Users scheduled for testing will receive a pre-test notification 10 days prior to the testing date and everyday after until the user completes the test as scheduled. Test administrators for both lenders and vendors can establish compliance restrictions that disable the user’s access to assignment information until the user completes and passes mandatory testing.

Training Comply’s automated test scheduling, administering and notification features not only ensures vendor compliance but ensures vendor agent compliance as well.

  • Multiple Test Creation and Scheduling
  • Automated Pre-test and Post-test Notifications
  • Lender to Vendor notification distribution and tracking
  • Historical and Compliance Validation Reporting
  • And much more!